Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: As soon as you register, you will get an email which has a URL in the body of the email. You need to click the URL; this gets you auto-registered for the free course. If you did not get the email, do not forget to check your spam folder / junk mail. If you still do not find the mail, do write to us again at

Ans: For the other courses you need an enrolment key. If you wish to access these, we request a donation to support our courses. Once you donate we will activate access to all courses at the earliest. (On working days this could be within an hour. If you donate on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you might have to wait till the next working day)

Ans: We get a message as soon as you donate and we activate your account within 24 hours. (The donation and registration processes are not connected). If you are still unable to access after 24 hours, do write to .

Ans: Danamojo is a donation platform for all Indian non-profits and is secure.

Ans: No. But we do hope this happens in the future

Ans: We ask for donations from individuals, to support the courses. Once you donate, you get access to all courses on our site for one whole year. An institution is charged and they also get access to the whole site for a year

Ans: The total length of all videos on the site - that is for four courses - is about eight hours The shortest video is for two minutes and the longest is 12 minutes. Most videos are just about five minutes duration

Ans: All videos are pre-recorded and you can watch them absolutely at your own convenience. And you can do the MCQs and Final assessments also at your convenience

Ans: The courses are only online. We plan to start offering discussions and doubt solving sessions via webinars in some time

Ans: You need to get the said percentages ONLY for the final assessment, to be considered for reward

Ans: This is usually a local technical issue. Here are the steps you could try. First logout from the course. Clear the cache from your computer and cookies from the web browser. Close and re-open the browser. Login again and try accessing the course video.

If the video still does not play, please check it on another computer if you can. If the problem still persists then you can contact us on