Instructions for Institutions

Welcome to QMedCourses. Thank you for joining us on our mission to make a difference in literature searching & referencing skills in India

General information:

  • The institution can provide access to any number of participants and add people at any time for a period of one year
  • The one-year access period starts 15 days from the receipt of payment OR as soon as the institute provides us with a list of participants- whichever is earlier.
  • One-day workshop: You could plan a workshop any time during the year. We will offer one workshop at no cost during the year. The institution will need to support the trainer’s travel and one night stay (if applicable)

Enrollment of participants

  • Please provide us the list of participants in the following format:

  • Salutation (Dr / Mr / Ms) First name (or initial/s) Last name (or initial/s) Mobile no Email Status: UG / PG / Faculty
    / Library personnel / Others
    Department / UG Year

    Do note that we need the First Name and Last Name in TWO DIFFERENT COLUMNS

  • We will enrol all participants and our system will send an email to each one for activation

Communication to participants - (students & faculty of the institution)

Please send a communication to all participants that your institution has paid for access to QMedCourses and that they could download the Step by Step guide to use QMedCourses to help them get started

Overall coordination - to ensure maximum utilization of the courses:

Please nominate three people who can coordinate with QMed for

  • The registration process
  • Receiving monthly reports
  • Receiving monthly reports
  • Ensuring that the learning opportunities are well utilized
  • Letting us know if anyone leaves the institution, so that their access is revoked
  • Please request every department to have one volunteer who will coordinate with the above three for the same activities