Badges for the Final Assessments:

  1. Score of 100% in any individual course
  2. Score of 90% or more in any individual course
  3. 100% in all four courses
  4. 90% or more in all four courses

Badges for completion of specific lessons:

Mastering PubMed:
  1. Focusing Search Results Using MeSH (9 lessons) PLUS the MCQs
  2. Advanced Search Page for Detailed Searches (3 lessons) PLUS the MCQs

Reference Management with Mendeley
  1. Managing Duplicates (3 lessons) PLUS the MCQs

Badges for Feedback that you provide:

QMed will award a badge to an individual who provides feedback that has helped us to make a change useful for all participants, in the courses website

If you have qualified in any of the above categories, you will receive an email with your badge! In case you have not received one, do write to

We feature the names of those who have scored 90-100% in all four courses, or those who have given useful suggestions in our parent website in the page - top scorers