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About our courses:

QMed has taught literature searching and reference management since 2008 April. We have delivered lectures and conducted workshops. Over a span of time, we have had requests to put up our courses online, so that we could reach out to a large number. Spreading our knowledge is our mission and we got our first course online in May 2018, by partnering with Mediknit – a company that hosts a lot of online medical courses. In 2019 we added two more courses. In mid-2020, we moved the courses to our own platform

Some testimonials for our online courses

"Enjoyed the simplicity of presentation and clarity of information .Thank you" - (Feedback: – Mastering PubMed:Basics). Dr Bhawana Thapa Dept of Physiology, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences

“This is something that I feel all medical students – especially post graduates should know. However it is one of the most underrated aspects of medical education. The course was flawless.” (Feedback: – Mastering PubMed:Basics). Dr. Mohit Gupta - Surgeon & AMASI Member

“Very nicely designed topic. Excellent expertise of faculty. Although I always use Mendeley for referencing. Still I learned many tips. Faculty is really excellent.” (Feedback: – Reference Management with Mendeley). Dr. Atanu Bhanja from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Gangtok

Registering for our courses:

Once the courses are fully ready, we will request individuals to make a donation of Rs 2000/-, in order to get access to the courses. The access will be valid for a year, and you will also get help from us for doubt solving.

Right now, the videos for all courses are up, but the MCQs, Assessments and Certification are available only for the first course. If you would like to start your learning by watching the videos (and taking up the quizzes later), we invite you to give a donation of Rs 1500/- (please choose the second option in the page). The one year period will be counted only from when quizzes and certification are up for all courses.

Institutions: do send us an email - info@qmed.ngo . We plan to charge a nominal annual amount, by which anyone from your institution can access the course, once you give us their details. We would like the courses to be available to students, residents, faculty, and all healthcare professionals.

Current Courses:
  • Information Resources & Literature Searching
  • Mastering PubMed
  • Reference Management with Mendeley

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