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    Available courses

    Learn about different types of information resources. Understand which type of resource would best solve your information need. Also learn about two fundamentals and four principles of online searching. This is the first step to reducing information overload and getting relevant results
    Is PubMed a search engine / a collection of medical journals / a medical website? How does one make a search more meaningful? How does one search PubMed to get all results, for doing a systematic review / meta-analysis? This course clarifies all doubts and takes you through a thorough step by step process of mastering PubMed.
    Struggling with adding citations / bibliography to your article? Forgot where you stored pdfs and PubMed results that you wanted to cite? Learn to use a reference manager. No more laborious typing / editing. Reference Managers allow us to save hours of time and concentrate on the actual documentation of your research / article!